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In our lives, there is at least one moment which, if we can recognize and seize it, will transform the course of our life path forever. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of those moments.

If you have found yourself here, trust that it is for a reason. You have been guided here to make a vital observation or decision about how you’re presently living and designing your life.

You’re here because a part of you wants more. Maybe you want to …

  • Transform limiting beliefs, to heal and release your past pain so that you feel more able to trust yourself.

  • Build your own practical and spiritual medicine bag, one that supports you in being able to live from more stability.

  • Find a place where you feel like you belong.

  • Experience a reality where there is just the right amount of effort and ease, a good balance of what makes you feel curious and enlivened in your everyday life.

  • Take life to the next level, and you’re not sure how.

I invite you to discover the possibility of living your life from a place of less stress, chaos, and suffering. In choosing to step away from those aspects of living, you will increase your radiance. By learning how to access greater self-awareness, you naturally become more aligned with ways in which you can access and share your gifts in the world.

Attuning to your highest energetic frequency (signature) will attract higher vibration experiences, offering you opportunities to feel and know what it is like to live with deeper meaning and purpose. Even during the most difficult times of transition, you’ll find yourself more open to something new happening—making it an experience that feels more uplifting, healthy, and whole. More simply stated, this work is about becoming the co-creator of your life.

If you are curious about how to design your own life, need some support as you figure out your spiritual awakening and ascension, and are open to coaching that requires honesty and courage, then Inner Mystic School will support you in accessing a fuller, more radiant, human potential.

Each of my signature-style training programs can be studied independent of the others or built upon one another as you pursue your Embodied Leadership Practitioner Mentorship (400 hours / 3 years) that will be announced in February 2020.

In closing, I’d like to remind you that evolution is purposeful, not accidental. Your growth can unfold with elegance or, with effort, resistance, and fear, but you are required to dedicate time towards growing yourself. How you do this is up to you. What do you choose?

With deep respect,


“The reason we’re craving a new paradigm and way of being is because that’s the greatest contribution to our happiness, radiance, and, to living and leading a more empowered life!”

Lana Boyuk



Welcome, I am Lana Boyuk.

I am a Spiritual Midwife and the founder of Inner Mystic School, offering experiential programs and mentoring to support you in being able to Heal, Release and Grow aspects of yourself in graceful and more elegant ways.
The initiatory journey of ascension is a very challenging one, and so it is my wish that as you explore my offerings, you discover a tool from my medicine bundle that supports you in awakening, remembering and gently returning to more of your innate wholeness.

How to work with me:



“Lana provides an environment that is safe with genuine caring and compassion. Her intuitive natures combined with her professional accreditation are a powerful combination. Lana is truly a gift.”

Debra Van Altena