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“You cannot access the wisdom of your soul with your mind. You enter through the gateway of your heart.”

Lana Boyuk


Inner Mystic Gateway is an invitation to step outside of the boundaries of your life as you know it in order to make a greater connection to your heart and soul; a coming home to all of you, all of the parts – light and shadow so that you can live your life fully, free of fear.

In order to do this, you are asked to unlearn, release and undo all of your unnecessary and unneeded parts so you can travel light. Otherwise, your history is clogging up your system and preventing you from energetically vibrating in the new paradigm of heart-led living, that which is rooted in integrity, gratitude, humility, and compassionate, reverent service to the world.

The un-learning of familial, societal, cultural, religious, lineage conditioning and trauma (old paradigm ways of perceiving) can respectfully be healed and released when we see, meet and honor all of the parts that are not true about us on a soul level.

  • Do you find yourself disconnected from joy and uninspired with your life?
  • Are you chasing a future dream, forgetting that all gifts are in the here and now?
  • Have you forgotten that you are the co-creator of your life along with Source?

The Invitation

Your authentic self is ready to rise and be present to life, but first, you must uncover that light and let it shine brightly, regardless of your fears.

Integration of tools such as ritual, breakthrough breathwork, guided meditation, reiki, self inquiry, yoga, prayer, purifying foods and sacred medicine micro-dosing will lay the foundation for you to navigate and handle what might come up to be addressed.

The Inner Mystic Gateway is a curated experience that will bring you into a connection with your heart and soul. I will personally guide you on 5-hour, customized journey of coming home to yourself in a safe, supportive and loving way, making sure that you feel integrated and prepared to step back into your life with a greater sense of your true, authentic nature.

Please note:  Inner Mystic Gateway is highly recommended as a preliminary step before Inner Mystic Quest, readying you for a more graceful medicine journey.  An additional 4-week mentoring is available for those interested in clearing deeper layers prior to their 1-week medicine retreat in Costa Rica (check for upcoming dates).   

To find out more about this experience, please contact me to arrange for a conversation.

With loving respect,



Due to the intimate nature of these 4-5 hour sessions they are done in person only.



These limited sessions are available on Wednesday’s only from 2 – 7 pm.
Please book about 4 weeks in advance.


Inquire About A Session

Email me at Lana@LanaBoyuk.com to discuss if Inner Mystic Gateway is the right fit for you.

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