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Inner Quest Medicine Retreat2019-10-16T15:10:50-04:00

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all of yourself.”



Inner Mystic Quest is an invitation to courageously journey into the rich and fruitful darkness to meet your shadows and transform them into pure energy, your source of personal power. When you are able to compassionately embrace your inner shadows as strengths, you are better able to understand the shadow of the collective, giving you a higher perspective for how to be a healing force in the world. You see, nothing can phase you when you return home to the entirety of yourself as an integrated, loving, self-aware, self-assessing, attuned soul.

Everything is energy; masculine and feminine in nature, with your Inner Mystic expressing itself as an energy that co-creates with the visible and the invisible, the doing and the being, the active and the receptive. Simply put – you are the alchemist that transforms your life!

The Inner Mystic Quest reminds you that you have levers within you to navigate life with. You are not at the mercy of these energies through your old conditioning, but rather at choice to engage with these energies from a place of awareness.  

  • Are you tired of making yourself small so that others will accept you?
  • Is it time to reclaim and recover missing pieces of your soul?
  • Do you feel called to recast your life as a heroic quest?

How to Participate

You are being asked to grow spiritually, to ascend your human limitations, to honor everything that has transpired in your life, reflect on the lessons learned, move on, and unearth your hidden treasures.

Costa Rica is where your week-long journey of transformation will happen. You will be guided and supported by myself and Nadine, one of my own spiritual teachers; a highly respected, skilled and knowledgeable medicine woman.

Integration of sacred plant ceremonies that have psychoactive properties (Santo Daime and Kambo) will create altered states of consciousness, while breakthrough breathwork, guided meditation, self inquiry, yoga, prayer, purifying foods, lush environments and warm ocean water will support you in feeling nourished, grounded and integrated.

The Inner Mystic Quest is an invitation to release fear and judgment, as you remember the obstacles to understanding your Divine Essence and how you want to channel it into the world for the greater good of all beings.

To find out more about this very intimate, life-altering experience, please contact me to arrange a conversation.

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