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“Yoga is a gateway for experiencing yourself as an embodied soul.”

Lana Boyuk


Yoga is about much more than just the asanas (poses) and fine-tuning your physical body. Yoga is a gateway into the body; your point of entry to connect with Wisdom. Stepping into your body allows you to discover your innermost Self – the part of you that knows how to best serve and support you in living a more integrated, fulfilling, healthy, and balanced life.

The asanas help to stimulate your body to release built-up emotion and move energy blockages, creating internal space for insights, clarity, calm and inspiration to be experienced. Yoga helps you tap into an inner awareness that can guide you towards living a more meaningful life.

Over the last 20 years as a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, I have had the privilege of supporting thousands of individuals who desire to free themselves from the ways that they hold themselves back, cannot see themselves clearly, and allow repetitive challenges to circulate in their lives, inevitably returning them to the same frustrating situations, manifesting as mental struggles, emotional upsets, physical problems, and spiritual disconnect. Yoga has the ability to create resonance within, on all levels of your being, leaving you to feel more whole, loved, and steady.

If you are interested in journeying into the beautiful layers within yourself, I would be honored to guide you.

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Benefits of a Consistent Yoga Practice

For Your Body:

Stretches and tones muscles ~ Release chronic tension ~ Improves circulation ~ Energizes and refreshes ~ Lowers blood pressure ~ Replenishes adrenals

For Your Mind:

Calms restless thoughts ~ Supports mental clarity ~ Promotes greater concentration ~ Provides tools for coping & dealing with stress

For Your Spirit:

Connects you to your Self ~ Encourages ~ Honors inner wisdom ~ Invites deep stillness ~ Brings you to a state of inner peace

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